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تطبيق الهواتف التي تعمل بنظام آندرويد في كل مكان،. لم يتم نشر هذا التطبيق بعد على سوق Google Play وجعلها متاحة في أي مكان، حمله دون الحاجة إلى اتصال بالإنترنت مجانا.

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 يتوافق هذا البرنامج مع جميع أجهزة .

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Mobikim [AdFree] V2.0.2 apk :

تحميل تطبيق Mobikim TV - نسخة بدون اعلانات أخر إصدار تطبيق رائع جداً ليس فقط لمشاهدة القنوات الرياضية فقط ولكن تستطيع من خلاله ان تقوم بمشاهدة أكثر من 200 قناة فضائية مجاناً ومنهم قنوات Bein Sports وقنوات OSN وجميع قنوات الأفلام والمسلسلات والقنوات الوثائقية أيضاً واكثر من ذلك. Mobikim TV is an app to watch TV channels, Sports, Series and Animes TV channels Seven categories of TV channels Application on 7 categories contain targeted: sports, family, news, Islam, children, cinema and culture Serials and anime It Contains 7 categories: Turkish soap operas, foreign, Arab, movies, anime, animation and documentaries. You can search for any episode of any series with great ease as enough enter the number of the loop and watch them immediately, and can also search for any series to search by name also can any series as well to favorites and view it at any time  High quality image The application is characterized by high image quality compatible with all types of screens of smart phones and tablet  High quality image Smooth design and interactive The application is designed to fit all smart phones and tablets, content smooth read in order to be able to know the user channels  Revolving around the clock Application renewed constantly adding new content channels and keep up with the games in real time and add another loops required soaps are Released  Plain and simple The application includes a clear content, and ease of knowing any channel within any classification, and also easy to watch any episode of any series application  Does not require any addition The application does not need to install any additional or external, in addition to the small area, where no more than 5 MB  Rich content Gel application on popular channels sorted by categories contain, to satisfy all tastes and demands, and also dozens of soap operas, movies and anime Continue permanently Staff in constant contact with the observers of the proposed annexation of channels and serials, as well as to enrich the content and add new areas of application  Renewal of smooth and easy for the channels When you follow any channel, especially football, simply re-enter the channel to renew the broadcasting Favorite If you prefer to watch certain channels, simply add them to favorites and watch them any time you want .شرح البرنامج عبر الفيديو التالي فرجة ممتعة .

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